Slugfest 20-03 (Gamecube,Xbox):

I worked with Midway in porting over the PS2 version of their baseball game onto the other platforms.  I was in charge of all assets dealing with stadiums as well as being the contact person for the two art teams.  In order to try to spice up the port, we were allowed to design a handful of new stadiums to include as bonus content.

I ended up creating two stadiums:  One was the classic New York baseball field known as Polo Grounds.  The other was an original creation dubbed Gem Field that was an amalgam of classic and modern fields.

To recreate Polo Grounds I poured over every ounce of information I could find on it, from web pages to books from the local library.  I gathered together all the various bits of information that talked about it’s sizes and dimensions and studied all manner of photos in an effort to reproduce it as faithfully as possible.

For Gem Field I looked at both classic and modern fields and grabbed bits and piece of what I found visually striking, putting it together bit by bit until I had something that represented one foot in the past and one foot in the future.

Unfortunately, due to size constraints of the final version of the game, neither of them made the cut.  The video above shows samples of both stadiums which were designed, modeled, and textured by me.