Design Documents

On this page you can download samples of some of the Design Documents I have put together over the years.  They will give a you pretty good idea of my thought process and organizational skills.

PLEASE NOTE that when the document first opens in your browser the first page does not always display properly.  If you scroll past it and then come back it will show up fine.


This was a pitch document I created for Atari.  They were looking for ways to update some of their classic games for modern players.

Download Crystal Castles pitch document here


I was co-lead on this game and put together most of the design document.  The sample here shows the thought process that was put into the level flow.

Download Splatterhouse Level Overview here


As lead on this game I did the large majority of the design document all on my own.  The sample here shows some of the game mechanics we were going to put into the game.

Download Flash Game Mechanics overview here


As I would finish laying out the zones, I would put together an incredibly detailed document that would get handed over to the environmental artists.  This document contained all of my notes about the how and why I laid things out the way they were, indications of what the spot might be used for, and whether or not things had to remain in that exact configuration or if they had leeway to shift things around.  The two document here are just tiny samples of the real things but they’ll give you a great idea of the level of detail I got into plus some visual samples of my level design

Download Designers Visual Guide to Madera sample here

Download Madera Mini Poi Guide sample here