The Flash: Fastest Man Alive

Flash (Xbox 360/PS3)
I was the Lead Designer on Flash and as such was responsible for overseeing the design and implementation of the game. I wrote the majority of the design document and kept it up to date on a monthly basis, created all of the early stub levels to test out game play and worked on all level elements (missions, stunt opportunities, camera cuts, traffic and pedestrian implementation, etc.) with a junior designer while overseeing two other designers as they fleshed out the combat system.

I interfaced with every other department as well as both our publisher and representatives from DC Comics making sure that everyone maintained a cohesive vision for the game and worked especially close with the level artists to bring the two main cities to life.

Unfortunately our publisher Brash went out of business and the game was thereby canceled after only a year into the project. This video sample here is all that remains of the game and gives you a good idea of the level design and game play elements I had a hand in creating.

Our level building tool set was a conversion of Gamebryo tools reconfigured to work in Maya. Our AI was a visual state machine that was a custom conversion of Visio.

By mdgeist99

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